Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Please Feed My Fish

Here is a new aquarium I acquired. It is filled with exotic "Goldfish." They are very hungry and would love to be fed by you. Just click in the tank to leave food in there for them and then watch them eat it up. Have fun.


  1. It's addictive. Hopefully I don't cause any of your little friends to expire. I have horrible luck with fish :)

  2. I envy you tech. competant people. Enjoyed this

  3. It IS addictive! Hope I did not over feed the fish, I was having such fun did not know when to stop. I am impressed with the things you have on your blog! I fear my computer skills are not yet up to all that great stuff. A bit of practice for me yet.

  4. That is so cute, I love it!!

    Be sure to stop back by my blog girlie...there's a little something there for ya!!!

    Hugs, Health and Happiness,

  5. This would be great for my little girl to play with! She loves going to see the fish at Meijer! :-)

  6. Love your blog, and I might have killed your fish because that was too fun!

    Thanks for stopping by, look forward to visiting!


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